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Precision Scoped Rifle

Precision Scoped Rifle

Duration: 3 days / 24 hours

  • Responsible Firearms Ownership and Applications of the Precision Hunting Rifle.
  • Firearms Safety that works-in the home, workplace, vehicle, in training, and in carry.
  • Selection of a precision scoped rifle system and accessories.
  • Selection of ammunition
  • Rifle Ballistics-Interior, Exterior, and Terminal
  • Administrative Handling and Operation
  • Foundational Shooting Techniques-Scoped Rifle Fundamentals
  • Carry conditions and Uses of the Sling
  • Zeroing and Grouping at various distances
  • Precision Shooting Drills
  • Improvised Shooting Positions
  • Field Shooting Exercises to 300 yards
  • Preventative Maintenance session-cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage


Successful course credit requires a passing score on a shooting qualification test to be administered by the instructor before course conclusion. This shooting qualification is specifically developed to test the skills, safety, and techniques taught in this course. The qualification and standard will not be posted or made available. Students who do not pass this qualification will receive a certificate of attendance for the course.

We hold our instructors to the absolute highest standard and we teach to the absolute highest standard. The Sig Sauer Academy wants to insure all attendees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet course standards. However, we understand each shooter is different and each shooter learns at a different level. Therefore, qualification standards allow students to quickly assess their abilities in a controlled environment in order to prepare them for the next level of training. We talk the talk and walk the walk. All Sig Sauer Academy instructors are required to pass a semiannual master level qualification course in order to maintain instructor status.

Estimated round count:  300 rounds

Ammunition is available for purchase from the Epping facility only (.223REM Match, .308WIN Match, .300WIN MAG).

Precision rifle systems are available for loan from the Epping facility with advance reservation (SSG3000, Blaser LRS or TAC2). If you bring ammunition for a loaner rifle, it must be factory loaded .308WIN Match.

**Steel cased ammunition and steel core bullets are NOT permitted to be used in Academy firearms**

Equipment List:
  • Precision scoped rifle w/ sling
  • Spotting scope (optional)
  • Rangefinder (optional)
  • Rifle cleaning equipment
  • Field notebook and pencils
  • Clothing suitable for training in any weather
  • Hydration system
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Hat with a brim
  • Wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate lenses or non-shattering prescription glasses
  • Earmuffs and earplugs

Tuition includes the following:
  • Course manual
  • Free loan of any needed equipment (SIG SAUER pistols, rifles, holsters, safety equipment, etc.)
  • 20% discount on genuine SIG SAUER parts and accessories from the Academy Pro Shop purchased during the course.
  • 20% discount on future course tuition if you register during the course (Guest Instructor courses excluded)